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MEGAKRÁN Plc. is one of the leading companies on the Hungarian lifting technology market, providing crane and complete machine installation services to manufacturing companies, as well as the rental and sale of personal and goods lifting machines, expert services, in addition to selling lifting and safety equipment.

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1994 Our company's predecessor is set up as a Sole Proprietorship.

2003 MEGAKRÁN Kft. is created.

2013 Having found a market niche, we establish our machine installation business, and buy specialized machinery.

2014 As a result of our investments and innovative developments, our company’s turnover grows by 15 to 20 percent per year.

2016 We close the year with a sales volume of HUF 1.78 billion and further expand our equipment fleet meeting European standards.

2018 Our company's shares are listed on the Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Megakrán Plc. is created.

2019 In January, we win the “IPO of the Year at the Xtend Market” distinction.



Started in 1994 as a family business, the company initially focused exclusively on lifting technology. Recognising the specific needs of the market, the owner founded Langmáhr Kft. in 2003. In the dynamic development of the company, it is important to always be at the forefront of the latest lifting solutions. An important element of its operational stability is the fact that it carries out all its tasks with more than 200 state-of-the-art pieces of lifting equipment owned by the company. The exponential growth of our company, which closed 2016 with a turnover of HUF 1.78 billion, is driven by our constantly expanding specialised equipment park, unique in the European region, as well as a stable staff developed using our own internal training system. In 2018 the company's shares were introduced on the Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange, resulting in the creation of MEGAKRÁN Plc.


MEGAKRÁN Plc. has all the necessary environmental and occupational safety certificates to guarantee a safe and consistent high quality service. We are the first in the region to use zero-emission lifting equipment, which enables us to carry out lifting and installation tasks in specialised areas such as food, pharmaceutical and micro-electronics.


At MEGAKRÁN Plc. we use the most advanced ERP solutions to serve our customers. In addition to an integrated enterprise management system, we also use a number of innovative solutions to provide up-to-date information on company performance. This helps our company to keep the utilisation of lifting equipment at an optimum level and helps management to achieve its goals. Thanks to these developments, we have earned the title of Digitally Ready Enterprise in the Modern Enterprise Programme.


At MEGAKRÁN Plc., we place great emphasis on transparent operation and stability, therefore we make our most important financial data and business results continuously available to our partners on our online platform. Bisnode, Europe's leading digital business information provider, has ranked us among the most stable AAA - companies.



  Flexibility, stability, reliability, expertise.
In addition to these values, conscious organizational development and a long-term vision are at the heart of MEGAKRÁN's operations.







Megakran ENTHE COMPANY'S NAMEMEGAKRÁN Trading and Service Company Limited by Shares

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NUMBER AND NOMINAL VALUE OF SHARES ISSUEDThe Issuer's share capital consists of 777,263,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of HUF 1 each.


SEAT OF THE COMPANY 8060 Mór, Nemes utca 23.

THE COMPANY'S LEGAL FORMNyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság



CONTACT DETAILS8060 Mór, Nemes utca 23.
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